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Working for North Dakotans every day

Heidi knows what makes North Dakota a special place to call home — but she also knows that we face growing challenges.

Working Families

As a working mother, Heidi knows the challenges working families face.

Health Care

Since day one, Heidi has been working across the aisle on solutions both sides can agree on to bring down health care premiums and costs and to improve access for North Dakota families, seniors, and veterans – no matter where they live.

A Strong Economy

Heidi believes that North Dakotans who work hard should be able to get ahead and support their families.


Heidi knows that agriculture is the backbone of North Dakota’s economy.


North Dakota is a national model for an all-of-the-above energy strategy and Heidi has been a champion of North Dakota’s abundant natural energy resources.


Heidi believes that anybody who works hard and plays by the rules should be able to count on the dignity of a secure retirement, plain and simple.

National Defense & Veterans

Heidi deeply respects and admires the service members and veterans, both past and present, who fought and sacrificed to keep our country safe.

Safer Communities

Heidi knows what makes North Dakota a special place to call home but that we face growing challenges.


Heidi knows our state counts on safe and reliable infrastructure – that’s why she’ll keep pushing for a federal infrastructure bill that invests in states like North Dakota.

Native American Issues

A lifelong ally of Native communities, Heidi is committed to making sure Native children grow up with the opportunities and protection that every American child deserves.

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