May 18, 2018 Press Releases

North Dakota AFL-CIO endorses Heidi Heitkamp for U.S. Senate

FARGO, N.D. — Today, the North Dakota AFL-CIO endorsed Heidi Heitkamp for U.S. Senate, citing her strong legislative record of supporting the workers and retirees of our state. In the Senate, Heidi has helped lead the charge to protect the pensions North Dakota workers earned — and she’s also been a strong defender of programs they paid into and depend on, like Medicare and Social Security.

“The North Dakota AFL-CIO enthusiastically endorsed Senator Heidi Heitkamp today,” said Waylon Hedegaard, North Dakota AFL-CIO President, Secretary-Treasurer. “The Senator has long been a friend of Labor, and her work on protecting our retirees and pensioners is second to none. North Dakota unions deeply appreciate Senator Heitkamp and the work she does!”

Heidi speaks to AFL-CIO members

“North Dakotans know what it is to put in a hard day’s work over the course of decades — and they deserve good pay and the dignity of a secure retirement. It’s the promise that makes America the greatest nation on Earth,” said Senator Heitkamp. “As a girl from a blue-collar family and a blue-collar town, I know the folks who broke their bodies over years of hard work to provide for their families — and they deserve to retire with dignity. I’ve been fighting for them by advocating to increase wages, to bring down the cost of health care and to protect Medicare and Social Security against partisan attacks. For North Dakota seniors, workers and families, there’s a lot at stake in this election — and I’m so grateful to have the support of the AFL-CIO and hardworking men and women they represent.”

The North Dakota AFL-CIO represents more than 17,000 North Dakota union members from more than 25 different national and international unions. The AFL-CIO will also launch an organized field operation to turn out the vote for Heidi and to discuss issues important to working men and women.