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A lifelong North Dakotan, Heidi grew up alongside her six brothers and sisters in the small, rural town of Mantador.

Raised by a school-cook mom and a dad whose jobs ranged from volunteer firefighter to seasonal construction worker, Heidi was taught the values of hard work and service to her community from a young age. And she has carried those values with her as she represents North Dakota in the U.S. Senate – helping to write and pass a strong Farm Bill, protect access to quality health care for seniors, veterans and rural residents, strengthen our state’s energy industry, and pave a viable path forward for coal. Heidi has a proven track record of reaching across the aisle and rising above Washington partisan infighting to get real results for hardworking North Dakotans.

Heidi and her siblings as teens

As North Dakota’s former Attorney General, Heidi understands the challenges law enforcement and community leaders face in keeping our communities safe. From combatting human trafficking crimes, working to end the epidemic of missing and murdered Native women, and fighting back against the opioid crisis that has devastated too many North Dakota families — Heidi has pushed to improve the tools and resources needed to keep North Dakotans protected. As the state’s former Tax Commissioner and through her leadership on Senate small business and regulatory affairs committees, Heidi has taken on burdensome regulations facing small business owners in the state by working to cut the red tape, and fighting back against damaging Washington one-size-fits-all regulations.

Heidi knows hardworking North Dakota families because she was born and raised in a hardworking North Dakota family. Her deep love of North Dakota and the folks who call this state home is what drives her — every day — to put politics aside and bring that North Dakota common sense to Washington.

Heidi holding her baby niece

Heidi lives in Mandan with her husband, Dr. Darwin Lange, a family practitioner. They have two grown children, Ali and Nathan.

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